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Enterprise Vault StorageCrawler issue with Calendar Items

Created: 24 Sep 2013 • Updated: 29 May 2014
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I know that Enterprise Vault has to deal with ALOT of different messages generated by many, many different systems. I know it's archiving for example from an Exchange server, but there are countless service packs and hotfixes available even for 'recent' versions of Exchange. On top of that though there is a huge amount of mail that will be stored in Exchange which won't have been generated in Exchange. It could have been generated by one of tens of thousands of email systems around the world. And I'm not talking installations (there are probably millions in total) - I'm talking of products, and versions.

Yet knowing all this it does worry me when I see technotes like this one:

.. especially as it only seems to apply to Enterprise Vault 10.0.4, the latest incarnation of Enterprise Vault. It's worrying because it means that 'something' has changed that breaks the processing of these types of messages. It's doubley worrying that it means that all available disk space will eventually be consumed.  And it's tripley worrying that there is no fix, yet.

Keep an eye on the technote is my advice !