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Error: "Incompatible clone switch on the server side".

Created: 19 Mar 2009 • 2 comments
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This error can occur when you are trying to automate a Ghostcast session with the -sure switch. What is going on is that the the disk is not specified. In a non-automated Ghostcast session, the user specifies the source (for image cration) or destination (for image restore). When adding the -sure switch, the -clone switch either needs to be included in the boot media, or the disk number needs to be specified in the Ghostcast Server session in the "Client command line options" area. this particularly useful in a PXE deployment environment when the switches -ja=<sessionname> -sure are typically added.

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I have the clone switch in the bootmedia

This settings were taken from a Ghost 7.5 multicast setup.  I am on 11.5 (GSS 2.5) and did the live updates to update everything.

This is on the server side. I have a bat file that picks the session.

"C:\Program Files\Symantec\Ghost\GhostSrv" "E:\Images\755base.gho" load755-base -N1

This is on the boot disk (autoexec.bat)  I am running this from a boot cd I made with ghost boot wizard and made an .iso and burned to CD.  With an intel pro 1000 driver

Echo If you continue ALL data will be destroyed on this Hard Drive.
ECHO Are you sure you want to continue?
choice /c:YN
if errorlevel 2 goto DEADEND
C:\ghost\ghost -clone,src=@MCload755-base,dst=1:1 -sure
goto END

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It is important to note that in later versions, the mode=load was replaced by mode=restore. Make sure that your command line switch reflects this.

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