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Essential Links to EV Information

Created: 01 Mar 2010 • Updated: 01 Mar 2013 • 8 comments
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When I visit customers I often get asked about how they can help themselves and find out more about EV. I'm always happy to send them the various useful links which I know they'll find useful or even essential for keeping up to date with EV developments. So rather than have to copy paste this list each time I need to share it I thought I'd post it here for everyone to take advantage of and then I can also have a single URL added to my email signature which will reference this list. Having been involved in EV for so long I take it for granted that customers and partners can find this stuff easily but now they really can...I think the following is a great compendium of must know locations and hope you all find this to be of use.

Update for 2013 - New Compendium Now Available with all the below links + more.

EV Product Team Blog (this blog) Where the PM team posts useful info about EV, tips, tricks & SPs 
Customer Forum - A place for EV related discussions and Q&A. This is an active forum with contributions from Symantec employees and other EV customers - well worth keeping an eye on...also has an RSS feed.
Documentation - Follow these link to get the documentation for each release.  
Everything you could possibly want to know about EV architecture in pictorial form
Performance Guide - an in depth look at the various aspects of EV performance 
Enterprise Vault Compatibility List (includes Partner products) - Explains what versions of what are compatible with the various releases of EV - an essential upgrade planning guide
How to Obtain EV Software & License Keys
Obviously a fundamental question, especially when we release new Service Packs or you loose your original software. Here's an excellent article which explains everything you need to know about how to obtain your software & license key file.
Product End of Life Information
If you ever need to check when the various versions of EV will no longer be supported there are a couple of useful links you can use.I've also written another article on this topic if you ever need something to specifically reference.
      In summary there are two key stages to be aware of.
  • End of Engineering Support = No More Patches or Fixes
  • End of Assisted Support = No more support calls
#2 - Go and find out when we will stop supporting the version you're interested in, this is handy page that allows you to select any version of the product and be instantly shown the dates for each of the two stages mentioned above.
Latest Technotes
We used to have the "digests" which listed technotes published in the last 30 days but we now have a dynamic link which simply shows a rolling list of the technotes published for each product module - a useful resource to browse.
Product Support Web Site - Click on the following links and you'll be taken to the support site where you can search for KB articles, compatibility charts, tech notes and other sources of information.
SymWise Notification & Subscription Services
Sign up to get updates about the EV Products you are currently using
White Paper Archive - A useful source for more detailed information about EV
Tech Centre - Online education resource - this is not a completely free resource but some modules are available which are free

Useful Tech Notes - some of the most useful technotes

  1. NBU & EV Backup Agent Portal

  2. How to Automatically Backup and Perform Recommended Maintenance for Enterprise Vault SQL databases

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Kai Schröer's picture

Hello Glenn,

I've used a lot of the links which you've listed.

But maybe after "SymWise" should go online their are no updates in the "old" or respective actual KnowledgeBase.

Is their a new plan when we get new Information about latest changes?

Thanks and Kind Regards


PMCS.helpLine Software Gruppe

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Glenn Martin's picture

It's taken me a while but I've updated this doc with the latest SymWise links so they should all work & also take you to the latest locations.

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Glenn Martin's picture

Updated with link to note about Backup & Maintence for SQL

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Gonzalo Gomez GST's picture

They are going to improve our service delivery skills as well.

Best Regards,

Gonzalo Gomez

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Glenn Martin's picture

Links performance guide & new V10 manuals now included.

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Glenn Martin's picture

Useful to know when a specific version will no longer be supported

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Dushan Gomez's picture


Many thanks for the diagram and update !

how can I get notified when you release new stuff :-)

Dushan Gomez
IT Manager
VCP 4 and 5 | MCITP Exchange Server | MCTS SharePoint Server | MCP Windows XP

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patriot3w's picture

Thanks a lot, saved.

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