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EV Connection Status

Created: 06 Dec 2009 • Updated: 29 May 2014
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In the EV Outlook Client trace you very often see the Connection Status listed as a number.. well, what does the number mean ?

0 = Unknown connection.  You sometimes see that near the start of a client trace.
1 = Online
2 = Offline
3 = No Exchange
4 = Disconnected
5 = Cached Mode, Offline
6 = Cached Mode, Disconnected
7 = Cached Connected, headers only
8 = Cached Connected, Full items
9 = Cached Connected, “Drizzle Mode”
These are of course the Outlook to Exchange connection states, and the EV Outlook Add-in often needs to know what state things are in so that various operations can be performed (or not as the case may be).