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EV8.0 - Copying over configuration file Deployment Scanner

Created: 04 Dec 2009 • Updated: 04 Dec 2009
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When installing multiple EV-servers, where multiple Exchange, File, Domino etc servers need to be checked, it is not very friendly you have to key in the list of servers on each install of Deployment Scanner.

To get the list of servers on all of your Deployment Scanner's do the following:

Install Deployment Scanner on all the servers that need to have it.
Start Deployment Scanner on 1 server, put in the required servers to check, and let it run.
Close Deployment Scanner
Goto the C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault folder, and copy the file PreReqConfig.xml to the same location on the other servers you installed D.S. on.

Start Deployment Scanner on the other servers, and you will see that the entries are present.