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Ever Wondered if Altiris Agent Check Point Recovery Works Over a Reboot? It Sure Does.

Created: 12 Jan 2010 • Updated: 12 Jan 2010
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Here's a quick test I ran this morning for a colleague who need to check if the feature works upon computer reboot (which for the agent is the same as a service stop / start event pair).

So here's the test I conduct:

  • Picked up the 4 biggest packages from my PMS update directories
  • Created a single package with 900+ MiB from 4 files
  • Created a SWD Task and assigned it to my test machine
  • Update the client config on the test machine
  • Disable the NIC after the download started
  • Enabled the NIC and forced the download restart (couldn't wait 4 minutes ;)
  • Stopped the Altiris Agent
  • Started the Altiris Agent
  • Repeated the above 2 steps

And the results are visible here:


You see that the download pikcs up were it was left, as shown in the Cached column.