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Every IT person's nightmare.

Created: 20 Feb 2013 • Updated: 20 Feb 2013
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So you have support on the line, and they have a fix for an issue for you. WebEx session, servers configured service restarted, all good right?

Not so quick, 5 minutes later, complaint about console not longer accessible. 10 minutes after that's resolved, no jobs/tasks will run!

That's the worst moment in IT, when everyone that's never roamed near your cube is now gathering inside or huddled in to an empty space just to spectate. It's like mosh pit thick ring side when Tyson's strolling down the isle, and in my mind, a numbing silence like someone that just got TKO'ed.

Starting from the beginning, we had NSE processing performance issues and a call was made to support to change queue processing size. (TECH183347 ) After the changes, both server seems normal when using the console while remoted to the server. The call ends, and then we found out the console no longer work remote. Some search on Connect while emailing and calling the support engineering back and leaving messages to anyone I can get a hold of. So this apparently gets the remote console working, don't ask me why it only affected 1 server not the other when the same configurations were applied to both. So unchecking this box does the trick:

Tools- Internet Options - Advanced - Security - enable integrated windows authentication*

Then more calls, this time none of the jobs/tasks assigned would run on the server with the Browser connection issue, while the other server working as normal. More emails sent, finally Thomas Baird calls me with a suggestion while he was driving around for lunch.

Restart the Altiris Object Host Service on the Site Server. Everything started working immediately.

Normally resolving issues are gratifying, as you ponder future accomplishments for days to come. But in this case it was a down right disappointment. An enterprise product that would have odd issues fail, with no log or indication of what could have gone wrong. As in this case, the Altiris Object Host Service was running on all servers.

Cant wait for what's next.