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EVSVR Utility

Created: 13 Mar 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2009 • 2 comments
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EVSVR is a Windows command-line utility for Enterprise Vault storage reporting and verification.

I have been now using EVSVR for over 5 months, it is a great tool and would recommend every one to use it.  I run it daily, and report on the past 7 days.

This helps me for two reasons:
■ I will find out straight away should i have any issues
■ If I am required to ever run Verification on a certain Data set It wont take me months to run as its already been verified.

One problem I have found with running this daily is the amount of manual work involved.  I have therefore created a script which you can simply set up as a scheduled task.

The script does the following:
■ Runs EVSVR
■ cleans the reports up (removes the messy time stamps ect)
■ zips all the output files up
■ Emails the relevant admins with the reports (The body contains the results if any have faild - no need to trawl the logs)
■ Writes an entry into the EventLog so you know its been successful (I am working on adding stats - savesets verified, failed, ect,ect)

EVSVR can perform the following types of operation:
■ Report operation. This type of operation provides a count or a listing of the items in vault store partitions, or the records in vault store or fingerprint databases. For example, a report operation may provide:
■ Acount of all of the files in the Site's vault stores that were archived within the last two days.
■ The details of each saveset record in a vault store database.
■ Verify operation. This type of operation does one or more of the following:
■ Verifies vault store database and fingerprint database records against the vault store objects that they reference.
■ Verifies that vault store objects have valid records in the vault store databases and the fingerprint databases.
■ Verifies vault store database records against the equivalent fingerprint database records.
For example a verify operation can verify that all of the records in the vault store and fingerprint databases point to valid items in a partition.

In future releases EVSVR will be enhanced to include repair operations.

The EVSVR utility can perform operations on both CIFS (NTFS) and Centera partitions, and on both collected and uncollected items.

Please note this is still work in progress, should anyone have any updates on this please let me know so I can incorporate them into the script.

To download -

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Go Go Go Wayne!

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For those guys which use the search:

Excerpt from 8.0.2 - Enhancements:

Enhancements to EVSVR utility

This service pack includes a new version of the EVSVR command-line utility. The main enhancements in this version are as follows:

  • As well as performing Report and Verify operations with EVSVR, you can now perform the following Repair operations:

    • Verify and correct the reference counts of savesets and SIS parts in the collection records in the vault store databases.
    • Recreate any missing information on the SIS parts that are used by savesets in the vault store databases.
    • Verify the number of references to SIS parts in the fingerprint databases against the number of references in all vault store databases in the vault store group, and correct any that is wrong.
    • Recreate any missing SIS part references in the fingerprint databases.
    • Recreate any missing saveset references in the vault store databases.
    • Blacklist any SIS part that does not verify correctly because it does not exist, has the wrong size, or does not match the value in the fingerprint database. After you blacklist a SIS part, archiving a new item with the same SIS part causes Enterprise Vault to create a new SIS part file on disk.
    • Report on the number of unreferenced, unshared, and shared SIS parts, after a repair operation has completed.
  • You can now load an existing operation file in the EVSVR Operations dialog box for editing.
  • EVSVR now checks the availability of the vault store databases and fingerprint databases before it tries to perform any operation on them. Previously, multiple error messages would appear in the log file if EVSVR undertook operations on databases that it could not access. [Ref 802400, 802448, E1466493, E1472465, E1520801, E1534636]
  • You can no longer choose to process a single archive if the operation that you want to perform does not support this level of granularity. The operations that this change affects are as follows:

    • Partition Report.
    • FingerprintCatalogue Report.
    • DatabaseReferences Verify.
    • DatabaseLinkages Verify and Complete Verify. In these cases, you can still choose to process a single archive, but some phases of the operations process the entire vault store. [Ref 802519, E1635740]

For more information on these enhancements, see the Utilities manual. The following technical note on the Symantec Enterprise Support site provides additional guidance on when to use EVSVR to identify and resolve various issues:

Have Phun!


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