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Excel cells break when a report is exported to CSV format

Created: 20 Feb 2013
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Issue: When a result of a Collection Evaluation Report job is exported in CSV format, the cells break - giving a non-uniform report output.

Cause: When the evidence of the failed checks is large, Microsoft Excel cannot handle the large character count of an individual cell. This causes the cells to break.

Explaination: The capacity of Microsoft excel to handle the length of cell contents is 32,767 characters. The first 1,024 characters display in a cell and the remaining appear in the formula bar. If the character count of the evidence in a cell is more than 32,767 characters, the cell will break. This is a limitation of Microsoft Excel.


Solution 1:

Instead of exporting the report in CSV format, export the result to excel by the following method:

Go to the Evaluation Result >> Select "Asset Based View" >> Highlight and select the assets >> Right Click on the assets >> Export Results to Xls

This report will look some what different than the CSV report, but with uniform cells.

Solution 2:

In scenarios where the output needs to be a CSV file, re-write the check so that it will not give a large amount of data in the evidence field.