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FAQ: Difference between BESR and BE.

Created: 29 Mar 2011 • 3 comments
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Some of the main differences between Backup Exec and Backup Exec System Recovery:

1) Backup Exec is a backup and restore software, whereas Backup exec System Recovery is a recovery software.

2) BESR can write data only to disks not to tapes, whereas BE can write to both.

3) BE works at file level whereas BESRworks at block level.

4) One of the main features of BESR is dissimilar hardware restore technology. One can perform a Bare Metal Restore of a system with Backup Exec also, but mostly onto a similar hardware.

5) BESR can perform Physical to Virtual conversations, BE cannot.


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backup exec 2012 feature says p2v and v2p conversion wiht bare metal recovery??

is it true or i misunderstood

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Sorry, i am not aware of anything related to that feature. You can try posting it as a new query in BE forum. You can definately get some info out there.


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Backup exec 2012 has incorporated system recovery. That means that you can do a full system recovery as in besr and do p2v conversions . In be2012 it is referred to as SDR (simplified disaster recovery).

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