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FAQ: How to configure Media sets,B2D Jobs and Backup Exec for proper management of disk space while using B2D?

Created: 07 Apr 2011 • 3 comments
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How to configure Backup-Disk jobs,media sets & Backup Exec for proper overwriting of backup sets?

Media Overwrite Protection Level: FULL. (From tools --> Options --> Media Management)

Job should start as Overwrite Only. (Backup job properties)

Media Set Configurations:

For daily backups with one week retension: OPP 6 days & AP None

For Weekly backups with a month of retension: OPP 4 weeks & AP None

For Monthly Backups with a Year retension: OPP 360 days (some value less than an year but more than 11 months) & AP None.

With all the above settings, each B2D job will create a separate backup set (.bkf file) and from the starting of second cycle BE starts overwriting the oldest among the recyclable media.


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I have a challenge ive been trying to resolve, I have an HP msl2024 with 15 tapes and i need to schedule daily weekly and monthly backups.

I've tried using media set and applying the media set to the specific tapes i want to use but it seems my OPP of 6 days is affecting my backup jobs, so many jobs fail with error saying it cannot attach to available resource and i noticed the tape couldnt be appended to until a later date!

Can someone give me a clue how to solve my small challenge!


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Hi Kirin - 

I'm a bit confused and hope you'll be able to help me make some sense of this.

If I have 5 servers, it would seem that I would need 2 B2D folders per server.  1 that is associated with the OPP of 4 Weeks (Will keep full, weekly-run backups here) and another folder that is assocated with a media set that has 6 days OPP (will keep daily differential backups here.).

My goal would be to keep a month's worth of backups on hand.   Will what I have outlined above achieve this?   I've read other posts/recommendations out there, and they seem to indicate you only want one B2D folder for all jobs...but, if B2D folders are managed by media set's OPP settings, I can't see how this could ever work.

I appreciate any clarification or guidance you might be willing to share.

Thank you,


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