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Fast Application Virtualization with Shortcut Creator

Created: 25 Aug 2011 • Updated: 03 Jun 2014
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Application virtualization is a great way to run non-native programmes on your computer, or to test unstable software versions without putting your computer at risk. Now, thanks to a bit of software made by Adam Moore from University of California, Merced, using a virtualized application can be even faster and easier than it was before.

Shortcut Creator

Adam’s software is called Shortcut Creator v.1.2. It allows you to create as many shortcuts as you want for programmes that run on layers created with SVS (Software Virtualization Solution). When you select the shortcut, it activates the particular layer that you have chosen. If the layer is already active, then the icon will open your specified programme. The easy to use interface makes creating shortcuts easy - the latest version even sets a default icon for your shortcut if you are unable to retrieve the icon from your preferred programme. Click here to find out more about virtualizing business-critical apps.