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FBI Issue Warnings Over Rogue Malware Attacks

Created: 08 Nov 2012 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012 • Translations available: Français, Deutsch
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The FBI has issued a stark warning to all users of Android smartphones to be on their guard against the potential for malware attacks.

An increasing amount of confirmed attacks are being traced back to Android devices, according to a new report.

The report, compiled by the Internet Crime Complaint Centre, suggested that it had become aware of numerous malware attacks, FinFisher and Loozfon among the most prevalent, which are specifically targeting Android smartphones.

The scale of the attacks is quite varied according to the report. In some cases it is as serious as the device being significantly infected to the point where it has been taken over. Other cases reported contacts being stolen from the address books of users.

It is particularly worrying to hear that FinFisher has been cited in a number of these attacks. The sophisticated technology which makes up the FinFisher spyware allows Android devices to be controlled remotely and monitored from virtually anywhere on the planet.

It is also remarkably easy to accidentally install the virus, with opening text messages or simply clicking on a web link cited as the most common methods of infiltration.

There are a number of safety tips that can be followed in order to keep information on your mobile phone as safe as possible:

The power of encryption

Check to see whether your phone’s operating system has an operating system with encryption available. This could be used to protect personal data if the phone is lost or stolen.

Get hold of malware

Malware is one of the best tools that we have at our disposal in the fight against potential viruses and hackers across the globe. Malware applications that specialise in file integrity are often the best example of these.

Steer clear of unknown wireless networks

Wireless networks that you’re not familiar with could potentially be rogue access points designed to capture information. It is imperative to avoid these if possible. The same goes for the idea of downloading links from unknown sources; they may have been designed in order to target unsuspecting consumers.