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Created: 10 Mar 2009 • Updated: 03 Apr 2009
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At long last the release of Altiris 7.0 was announced in this morning’s keynote. I’ve worked at Altiris/Symantec for almost four years and it seems like for most of my time Altiris 7.0 was “almost” done or that the release was right around the corner. Now it is a reality. Because of my role in the company – I work with customer references – I was most interested in seeing what the early adopter customers had to say.

The three early adopter customers were, Meijer Stores, SMSC, and MaximumASP. All three seemed to have fairly uneventful upgrades in terms of problems with the product, and are excited about the possibilities Altiris 7.0 will have to offer them. Look for customer success stories on all most of them to be posted to the customer success site in the coming months.