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Confidently open the floodgates for migration of Tier 1 mission critical applications to virtual environments with Appli

Created: 08 Aug 2011 • Updated: 11 Jun 2014 • 1 comment
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Recently, the Taneja Group, a well respected firm that provides analysis and consulting for the storage industry, storage-related aspects of the server industry, and eDiscovery, released its review of ApplicationHA.  Its experts point out that “Symantec ApplicationHA is to virtual environments, what Veritas Cluster Server (part of Storage Foundation HA) was to physical environments – a true multi-platform, multi-application aware clustering and high availability platform”.  I have attached the full article below.

Please click here for more information about ApplicationHA.

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I read the paper.  It is insightful, to a degree. 

As pointed out, Filestore will not become a major player by simply being on-par with other NAS vendors' functionality (specifically snapshots, replication, dedup, vaulting, dynamic expansion, AD integration, anti-virus, VMware API integrated, etc), or, contrary to their opinion, by becoming the largest, most scalable NAS in the universe.  Imagine, for example, a new NAS box that can scale to 100 PB under a single, scalable filesystem, capable of handling 2MM IOPS.  That would be a record.  Imagine if it did all of those NAS "things" that i listed above...things you would expect an enterprise NAS system to do.  Would you buy it?  If you had incumbent NAS systems that worked well, you likely would not.  Reason being - incumbent NAS systems have all that functionality already, as well as "good enough" scalability, or a roadmap to increase it. 

The way Filestore will take marketshare is through unbelieveably tight integration with existing Symantec products that their giant customer base is already using.  This will give customers a reason to consider alternatives to incumbents.  When other services such as backup deduplication, backup image lifecycle management, VMware vCenter integration, anti-virus services, tape handling, SRM, data loss prevention, end point encryption, messaging, and data and email vaulting can be integrated DIRECTLY on the controller of the NAS system....then hey, you've got some major value above & beyond anyone else.  Think about it - Symantec has done extremely well in the enterprise space with software alone.  NONE of that software could be loaded directly on a NAS system's OS because these are controlled, self-contained appliances.  So Symantec/Veritas tools needed to be loaded elsewhere.  By integrating their toolsets on the NAS platform themself, the entire NAS "default functionality" game has just changed.  Functionality with adjacent products and applications is exactly how NetApp has stayed in the game - not by making the fastest, most scalable product in the industry.  Symantec develops many of these "adjacent" products already.  Building a NAS device that has it that a value proposition well beyond any other approach...

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