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Five Asia South Visionaries Named at Singapore Vision Event

Created: 08 Sep 2008 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009
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In conjunction with Vision 2008 held September 9 in Singapore,Symantec awarded five Asia South Visionaries. The Visionary Award winners werejudged against a strict set of criteria that took into account technologyinnovation, realized business value, and engagement of partners and services. TheVisionaries are using a range of different Symantec technologies and come frommultiple industries. More information about the winners is provided below.


Pravir Vohra

Group Chief Technology Officer, ICICI Bank

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Pravir Vohra, Group Chief Technology Officer at ICICI Bank,is leading the charge in delivering cutting-edge security solutions. He and histeam have selected a number of different Symantec security solutions. Keyresults include enhanced efficiencies and IT staff productivity gains,including a 10 percent increase in IT staff productivity improvements, equatingto $250,000 USD in lower software licensing; a 50 percent reduction in the timespent monitoring and managing the security environment; a 30 percent decreasein the amount of time required to complete audits; and more than 10,000 hoursin employee time previously spent managing spam.

Faridah Abdul Rahman

Chief Information Officer, Malaysia Airlines System Berhad

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The "bar" has been set very high for the IT team at MalaysiaAirlines, which holds a lengthy record of service and best practices, includingmore than 100 awards in the last 10 years and a 5-Star Airline ranking byairline auditor Skytrax. Group IT CIO Faridah Abdul Rahman is up to thechallenge. Her team is focused on delivering technology solutions that map tocore business requirements. They have leveraged various security solutions fromSymantec and achieved results that include: a 15 percent improvement in compliance levelsthree months after the implementation of the solutions, an enhanced securityposture, improved IT policy compliance, and lower IT risks.  

Lai Loong Fong

Deputy Director, A*STAR Computational Resource Centre

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Lai Loong Fong, Deputy Director at A*STAR ComputationalResource Centre, has the challenge of dealing with a 50 percent compoundedannual data growth rate. To deal with this astronomical growth, he and his teamrely on Veritas CommandCentral Storage and Veritas Command Central EnterpriseReporter. The ability to manage storage across a highly heterogeneous serverand storage environments is producing tangible results, including a 10 percentto 20 percent decrease in the amount of time spent managing the storageenvironment.

T.G. Dhandapani

Corporate CIO, TVS Group-TVS Motor Company Limited &Sundaram-Clayton Limited

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T.G. Dhandapani, the Corporate CIO for the TVS Group, leveragestechnology innovation to drive business value back to his organization. Bystandardizing backup and restore on Symantec Backup Exec, Dhandapani and histeam improved backup success rates by 10 percent. With Symantec EndpointProtection 11.0 and Symantec Mail Security, the team was able to reallocatefour full-time employees who were previously focused on spam-related issues. Inaddition, the solutions are saving each employees at TVS Group an average of 10minutes per day.

Rudy Wiryadi

Vice President, Information Technology, PT Excelcomindo

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Rudy Wiryadi, the Vice President, Information Technology atPT Excelcomindo Pratama (XL), holds the responsibility for managing the ITinfrastructure for a company that has been experiencing 60 to 100 percentannual growth. Along with that growth comes an almost insurmountable amount ofdata to manage. As a result, Wiryadi and his team have standardized on theirdata center infrastructure on different Symantec technologies. The results areimpressive. With Veritas NetBackup, they were able to slash the backup windowby 67 percent. In the case of file system and volume management, using VeritasStorage Foundation, the team cut the amount of time managing the storageenvironment by 50 percent. For disaster recovery, the team relies on VeritasCluster Server and Veritas Volume Replicator, with results that include 99.99percent availability for select applications and systems. Seeking additionalcost efficiencies, the team leveraged Symantec Consulting Services to conductan assessment of their data center environment, which resulted in aconsolidation of systems that equated to $180,000 USD in tape librarysavings. 

Click hereto download a podcast that discusses the Visionary Award Program and highlightseach of the Asia South Visionaries.

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