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Fun with Proxies - How I was able to get past the 407 error during 7.1 Install

Created: 07 Apr 2011 • 1 comment
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Issue: Proxy Authentication for a first time SIM install

I currently work in an environment with a proxy server where authentication via user id and password are required. For this initial 7.1 install, I had configured the proxy in IE and ensured I could connect to the Internet prior to downloading and running the SIM install. For further information, I had already installed and configured SQL, so if you're trying to use the option to install SQL Express via the SIM process this may not work for you.

However, after the SIM installation, any further steps would fail, and I would get a HTTP: 407 Proxy Authentication Error. I wasn't even able to get to the SIM configuration screen to configure the proxy.


I went to the web and downloaded the product listing file, from the default website:

Then I manually put it in the place it would normally reside, and then I was actually able to get to the settings on the SIM to enter my proxy settings and see the files I wanted to download.

For example:

(install directory) D:\Program Files\Altiris\Symantec Installation Manager\Installs\Altiris

- this is created when you install the SIM, and where I copied the file too.

When you relaunch the SIM, the products will still be greyed out, and you cannot install them. However, now you can get to the screen on the SIM where you can enter your proxy credentials. Then you can install whatever solutions you need.

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My issue was similar but I found a different workaround.

First I downloaded and installed SIM. With that finished I launched SIM and it would give me an error that it could not download the file and ask me if I wanted to continue anyway. I was able to click "yes", "no", and "continue" enough to get to the proxy settings and change them to find out, LO!, it ignores them unless you restart SIM and it is questionable after that whether it is really using the settings in SIM or not. It took over three weeks to generate a useful error regarding proxy authentication to figure out what was going on. It would just bomb and there was nothing in the log about why. What I have determined is the following:

1) If your IE proxy configuration uses a PAC file it doesn't seem to work. When the installer tries to access the PAC file it is challenged, as expected, and the authentication challenge fails and it dies right there. Local PAC files do not work either which leads me to believe the installer cannot handle the file at all.

2) If you change the proxy settings in IE to point directly at the proxy server and select "Bypass proxy for local intranet addresses" the downloads AND the install work properly. 

3) The proxydisable registry keys don't work. I changed them and they had no effect during my install.

4) Changing the proxy settings in SIM requires a restart of SIM to use the new settings.

5) The actual install uses the proxy settings in IE and fails when it tries to reach the local IIS install because it passes through the proxy server first and gets challenged unless you make the change I mentioned in step 2.

Were the installer capable of handling PAC files I do not think I would have had these issues but I cannot be sure since it does not handle PAC files. This was a huge pain that I worked with support on for over a week. The behavior is reproducable.

Ryan Poag
Northrop Grumman
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