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The Future of Online Trust and Security Starts Here

Created: 12 Feb 2013 • Updated: 13 Feb 2013 • Translations available: Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Español
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The objective of the Website Security Solutions team at Symantec is to produce quality, integrated offerings that help our customers achieve their goals.  We help eCommerce companies establish and grow their online businesses across multiple devices, platforms, and media types. We also help large corporations protect information flowing across public and private networks using SSL encryption. 

Our suite of Website Security Solutions solve problems for organizations of every size, focusing on the needs of the organization and end user alike.  We call these “right-for-me solutions”.

Our Website Security Solutions combines SSL encryption with the Norton Secured Seal announcing that websites have passed a daily malware scan, and been confirmed as legitimate by a leader in establishing trust. A website posting the Norton Seal show improved search results, and show up as trusted to anyone surfing for wares using Norton Safe Web or Safe Web Lite.  Symantec is the leading provider of SSL including Extended Validation to take advantage of the innate browser feature for consumers of shopping with the Green Bar or Tab.

We are introducing Algorithm Agility, which allows all of our SSL certificates to offer, free of charge, a DSA-signed certificate in addition to the regular RSA Certificate. For Premium SSL customers, we also offer an ECC Certificate option, giving Enterprise organizations the choice on how to best balance performance and protection for their online ecosystem.

Enterprises also have business intelligence needs to delve into areas like certificate tracking and administration. Whether you employ standard or premium SSL certificates, our Certificate Intelligence Center 2.0 can eliminate hassle by offering a central view of all certificates issued by any Certificate Authority. Get actionable intelligence in a single dashboard that provides audit reports and alerts for any certificates ready to expire. Don't lose thousands of dollars a minute by losing a secured connection to your website, via internet, API, or SKI!

We’re Symantec Website Security Solutions. We're proud to have the most recognized trust mark on the Internet. We're proud to represent the first public Certificate Authority. We're proud of our 100% uptime since 2004. And we're proud to be an important part of Symantec 4.0 by providing trust in eCommerce, Advertising, and Application security solutions.