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Gartner: Symantec Leader in Archiving for Eight Years Straight and More to Come

Created: 16 Dec 2011
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More than ever, archiving is a vital part of how a company manages its information, both to save money on storage and prepare for eDiscovery or other investigations. In the past, most businesses have focused archiving efforts on archiving on-premise data sources, especially email. Organizations today need to archive a large variety of data sources, including email, documents and communications that may reside in the cloud (such as social media content). Organizations are looking for vendors who cannot only archive from the cloud but who offer a choice of deploying the archive itself on-premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid of the two. As such, archiving continues to increase in its importance and is an indispensable tool for information governance as the organization’s information extends beyond the firewall.

Each year Gartner evaluates vendors of archiving software in its annual Magic Quadrant report, and the 2011 findings categorize Symantec as a leader for the eighth straight year. According to the report, industry leaders demonstrate the following characteristics:

Leaders have the highest combined measures of an ability to execute and a completeness of vision. They may have the most comprehensive and scalable products. They have a proven track record of financial performance and established market presence. In terms of vision, they are perceived as thought leaders, with well-articulated plans for ease of use, how to address scalability and product breadth.

The report goes on to discuss Symantec’s strengths in this market:

Symantec focuses heavily on customer feedback and input to the EV road map, and the current product is feature-rich. The company has an excellent understanding of what is required of EIA and e-discovery solutions, and adjusts its road map according to market dynamics.

Symantec’s Year in Archiving

2011 was a great year for Symantec customers in the areas of archiving and eDiscovery. The release and adoption of Enterprise Vault 10 (which has already been downloaded more than 3,600 times) demonstrated the increased demand within organizations to classify information for retention, including social media outlets such as blogs and social networking feeds. In addition Enterprise Vault 10 helps businesses to maintain compliance with government and industry regulations and has tight integration with our security products. Symantec also announced new partnerships that enable customers to archive social media content and launched the Enterprise service for email archiving and eDiscovery.

eDiscovery Developments

One of the most important purposes for archiving data is to enable businesses to quickly respond to eDiscovery requests. Research shows that the ability to quickly produce requested files greatly improves the chances of a favorable outcome. 2011 saw Symantec acquire the Clearwell eDiscovery platform, which enables customers to quickly process, analyze and review archived files for regulatory requests and internal audits. Symantec Enterprise Vault and Clearwell also help organizations reduce costs across all phases of eDiscovery, from information management through review and production.

2011 was definitely an exciting year for Symantec in how we helped our customers manage their data, with important developments in cloud services, classification and eDiscovery, but it is only the beginning. Gartner summarizes as follows:

…new EV functionality, the new cloud offering and the Clearwell acquisition should ensure that Symantec remains a leading and visionary player. Inquiries to Gartner on EV remain high, and the product is well-suited for clients looking for a mature product with strong mailbox management coupled with e-discovery.

We agree.  With Clearwell and Enterprise Vault together customers will have a complete eDiscovery solution that includes the market leading archive platform with the fastest eDiscovery platform into a single workflow As the market continues to evolve, Symantec looks forward to pursuing additional developments in its strategy of providing customers with the best service and products possible. We have much more to come in 2012 that we are excited to share at a later time.

To download the 2011 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving, click here: