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General information about using Ghost Solution Suite (GSS) with Windows 7.

Created: 05 Jan 2010 • 2 comments
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Ghost Solution Suite 2.5, the latest version, is not currently compatible with Windows 7. Symantec is working on an update to GSS 2.5 that will allow for installation as well as the cloning of Windows 7. We will update this article when that update is available.

Although unsupported the Ghost executables from GSS 2.5 LU3 (build 2165) may clone a Windows 7 file system when used in a PreOS environment.
There are a few things to consider if you plan to test the cloning of Windows 7:

· Do NOT install Ghost Solution Suite on the Windows 7 Operating System. Install it into XP or Vista to then use the executables.

· We suggest that you use the Ghost Boot Wizard to create bootable media with the Ghost cloning Executables that can then either connect to a GhostCast Server session or clone to local hard drives

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What is an approximate timeframe on this?

7 has been released for more than 3 months now, and has been in beta for a long time....
We really want to start engineering a Windows 7 deployment, but without having our main deployment tool being ready for it....    somewhat disappointing! :(


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2.5.1 was released. get it via liveupdate. there is also another thread where you can post a request for a url link to the 500MB+ update

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