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GeoTrust Homepage Facelift

Created: 01 Aug 2011 • Updated: 03 Jun 2014
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Last week, we refreshed the GeoTrust homepage to improve the clarity of the content for enterprise SSL. Previously, the enterprise content was being displayed repetitively through multiple pathways. However, this did not provide any additional value. Under the main banner, the content was being displayed in a content box and graphic directly beneath it.


Now, we have condensed the duplicated content into a promotional graphic to reduce the time to the enterprise SSL page. The graphic is front and center, so you will be able to quickly learn more about the enterprise SSL program. During the content revamp, we have also replaced the partners content box with a new graphic about the reseller program.

exisiting-customers.jpgAdditionally, we have revamped the content in the quick links and the existing customers boxes on the right side of the homepage. Content in the old existing customers box was already being displayed in the buy SSL Certificates box, so we removed these repetitive links. The former 'quick links' box has been renamed and now houses the links for existing customers.

The footer now displays the "Glog" (GeoTrust Blog) icon next to the other social media channels.

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