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Get Safe Online Week Kicks Into Top Gear

Created: 22 Oct 2012 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012
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The latest Get Safe Online campaign – Click and Tell - has been launched in the UK this week, and the organisers will be hopeful that the campaign can educate people in the importance of online security.

The Get Safe Online initiative was launched in October 2005 and has gathered significant momentum each year since.

The week is designed to inform people about the basics of using the internet and still keeping yourself safe from fraud, with established website security companies such as Symantec getting firmly behind the campaign.

What does the week mean for me?

Have you ever been charged for a number of premium-rate text messages which you did not actually send? Or have you ever found yourself to be the target of online fraudsters through a method as simple as downloading a new app?

Get Safe Online is designed to educate people about how to deal with these situations and protect themselves sufficiently to prevent them happening in the first place.

How can hackers/fraudsters target me?

Tablets and smartphones are increasingly becoming the most common channels for fraudsters to target people all over the world in terms of illegally accessing data.

The consequences of accidentally downloading spyware can be as dangerous as identity theft that subsequently leads to someone gaining unauthorised access to your bank account.

How can I protect myself?

However, checking the security settings on your device and ensuring that any computers which you connect mobile devices to use the latest online protection software are among the simplest ways to protect yourself and your personal information.

Get Safe Online Week is designed to promote ideas such as these to ensure consumers have as much information as possible in the battle to protect their personal information.