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Get your free VME licenses

Created: 25 Feb 2011 • Updated: 25 Feb 2011
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March second DinamiQs will release the new version 3.1 of it's VirtualStorm and SMART software.

SMART is downloaded thousands of times by Symantec SWV users. With the release of SMART 3.1 there will also be a version of VME released that can be used to get more memory than the computer actually has.

Call it Memory overcommit.

Already hundreds of companys tested and bought VME because it is a cheap memory solution bringing desktops, laptops and servers up to 64GB of Virtual memory without buying and installing real memory modules.

Now you can get a chance to receive a number of free licenses.

Follow DinamiQs on twitter and get a chance to win your free licenses.!/DinamiQs