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The Ghost Boot Wizard Reports a Failure When Creating an ISO, Even When It is Created to an External or Shared Drive

Created: 02 Apr 2009 • 5 comments
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This can occur when you do not have enough space on the C:\ drive. Even though the ISO might be created to a external or shared network device, the boot wizard still creates files temporarily to the C:\ drive.

Simple Solution:

Remove files to clear up space on the C:\ drive, and try to create the ISO again.

Advanced Solution:

NOTE: Symantec does not provide support for modifying the registry. Please modify at your own risk.

First, back up your registry. Open the registry, and go to File > Export... and save the registry to a safe location.

To solve the issue, you can direct all temporary files to another location (such as a mapped drive, or external USB device).

Browse to the key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment

And modify the key:

TEMP (the default location it is set to is %SystemRoom%\Temp)

Modify this key to point to your external or shared network device, and try to create your ISO again.

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I have had this occur while writing from C:\ to C:\ (under different directories) but it is definitely not due to lack of space (I have over 40GB of space available).  I also get the same when writing to a 1TB USB drive - the error is 'Could not Create ISO file, check that the destination is writeable or has enough space'.   The ISO does get created, it is just not finished - or maybe it is, but clicking 'ok' and then 'cancel' deletes the file.

Is there a log that I might look at to determine where the fault lies?

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Nigel Bree's picture

 There isn't a log specific to GBW, but for diagnosing things like this the Process Monitor tool is the gold standard since it can often capture important and useful information about the specific context in which a failure occurs. Process Monitor traces are big, mind you, so there's a bit of an art in sifting through them.

There is, by the way, in the GSS2.5 and earlier code lines a hard-wired limit in GBW where it does not want to output more than 4Gb of output ISO image (and there is also a hard-wired limit on the total number of files, although it's reasonably large), so you can't quite get the most out of a 4.7Gb DVD. I did spend quite a bit of time in the last few months rewriting the CD/DVD and ISO code used by Ghost and GBW to completely remove these restrictions (and add support for dual-layer and Blu-Ray) but it's not entirely clear at the moment when we'll be releasing any of that since it will need a *lot* of attention from our QA folks before it's ready to ship.

I've ended up being the developer assigned most of the issues related to optical disks in the GSS product, so for now if you do get a Process Monitor trace related to a GBW issue that you think might be a code issue, then get in touch with me at the e-mail address in my forum profile so we can arrange for me to take a look at it.

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cdelcarlo's picture

Hi there! 

I have an issue where I do not get a warning or even an error from Ghost.  I get the error from the OS saying that there is no more room on the C drive.  It looks like it created the ISO, but I'm not to sure about that.  I tried the above trick but it did not work.  It keeps trying to create the temp files on the C drive.

I do not want to re-install the server just for this program.  Is there another area in the registry that I can change to have the temp files created on another drive?

Thank you!

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AlanTad's picture

I am currently experiencing this same issue with 93GB free on the C: drive. It has been well over a year since your last post. Has there been any progress with the integration of DVD-DL/Blu-ray?

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Nigel Bree's picture

As there have still been no public announcements of future releases of GSS and I no longer work at Symantec having been laid off earlier this year, I can't really say much of substance about when or whether this work will be released.

As I noted before, I had already done the necessary development work to support unlimited disc sizes and DVD-DL and BD-R and BD-RE, but that work had been done in the code line for Ghost Solution Suite 3.0 (planned for release in September 2009), all of which was suddenly halted when Symantec closed the Auckland development and QA facility for GSS in April 2009.

The team in India now responsible for GSS do have all that work; however, their funding is limited not only for staff but for test equipment (as the collection of test equipment built up over the 10+ years of Ghost development in Auckland was mostly disposed of) making this particular feature especially challenging to get into a release state as a retrofit to the GSS 2.5 code line.

If they get the budget, it will happen. If they don't, it won't.

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