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Great Process Diagrams for Enterprise Vault

Created: 01 Aug 2012 • Updated: 29 May 2014
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The following diagrams just came out over the airwaves...


HOWTO77305 - Enterprise Vault Process Diagrams


HOWTO77362 - Enterprise Vault Reporting Overview Diagram   


HOWTO77361 - Enterprise vault Monitoring Overview Diagram  


HOWTO77360 - Enterprise Vault PST Migration Diagram  


HOWTO77357 - Enterprise Vault Exchange Journaling and DA Diagram  


HOWTo77351 - Enterprise Vault Detailed Exchange Mailbox Retrieval and Restoring Diagram  


HOWTO77350 - Enterprise Vault Detailed Exchange Mailbox Archiving Diagram   


HOWTO77349 - Enterprise Vault Exchange Archiving Diagram  


HOWTO77347 - Enterprise Vault Logical Architecture Diagram