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Great Service from a company

Created: 24 Jan 2010 • Updated: 25 Jan 2010
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This was a chat b/w an ex symantec technican and a customer who got assistance long back...............................................

Cust(Ray): Are you on the same job as when we last talked?

Tech(Arun): earlier I worked with Symantec and now in a diff process

Cust(Ray): I'll not forget the EXCELLENT service you provided me via Symantec on Norton. You were the most helpful, understandable tech I ever received. Thank you again for being so nice.

Tech(Arun): Thanks...Its my duty and responsibility to help customers as best as I can

Cust(Ray):PS: well you sure did a good job for me on Norton .. you just "took over the computer" and fixed it .. that was great. Only one other company has done that. You are a GOOD service tech. I do wish the very best for you ..

Cust(Ray): I just renewed the Norton 360 this week. I like it.