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Handling Internal Mail Storms - Reply-All and "Here You Have" virus

Created: 10 Sep 2010 • 1 comment
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An e-mail storm is a sudden spike of email traffic, often caused by malware (like the recent "Here You Have" virus) and users on large distribution lists replying to all. These storms are not just inconveniences – they pose a challenge to email environments as the huge volume of traffic can actually take down servers.

The internal nature of these storms also requires products that can both filter internal mail and clean up mail stores. Mail Security for Exchange and Domino integrates with their respective email server environments to uniquely provide coverage of internal mail traffic and storage.

The products provide:

1. Outbreak detection: Identify that an active outbreak is occurring because of the volume of traffic generated by the same malicious email

2. Internal mail filtering: Block all internal traffic of the "Here you Have" email using Content Filtering

3. Mail store / inbox cleanup: Seek out and eliminate the "Here you Have" email from Mail Stores and end user inboxes

More information on these products can be found on:

Minh Phan

Senior Product Manager

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There is another great solution (Cloud based) from Symantec that protects users form Internet Mail storms.

Check out the products form Symantec Hosted Services -



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