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A Handy Formatting Trick with the Service Request Form Utility

Created: 28 Jul 2008 • Updated: 28 Jul 2008 • 2 comments
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I use the Service Request Form utility quite extensively in my helpdesk implementation. One of my favorite forms I made was the New Hire Request.

I discovered a nice way to enhance the output so that you can read it easier. Of course this change will apply to any form you create with this tool.

Here is a sample of the output currently:

This is nice but I wondered if there might be a way to Bold either the field names or the actual responses.

There is a way. You need to make a simple modification to a line in the ServiceForm.ascx file.

Open the form with your favorite editor and look for the following lines:

' In the following lines we move the data from the table that we created for the binding
' back into the AuxData tables. We also add the data stored in the AuxData columns to the 
' workitem comment field.

Once you have located these comments, a few lines below should be the following line:

sbComment.AppendFormat("{0}:#tab;[b]{1}[/b]#br;", dc.ColumnName, DataStore("AuxData").Item(dc).ToString())

The {0} represents the header of each line (i.e. Employee Name) and the {1} represents the response the user inputs. In the example above, I have put the bold tags around the user response.

So now when the form is submitted, the output looks like this:

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Where does one find the service request form utility?

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Here is the link to the site where you can get this utility: 

He has some sample forms out there that you can see and other information.  When you purchase it, you get access to the forum he setup as well, which is pretty active.I think the cost is still $100. 

The nice thing about this product is it integrates right into the Helpdesk Solution.  They appear in the Service Catalog the the incidents are created directly as opposed to e-mail the form data in.If you would like to use forms inside your Helpdesk Solution to make things easier for you and your users, then I would highly recommend purchasing this product.

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