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Help Topic: Using Advanced Search Facets

Created: 14 Sep 2012 • Updated: 14 May 2014 • Page Views: 12
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The Connect site has over 4,000 content items added each month – from forum posts and comments, to videos, articles, blog posts, downloads and ideas. With so much content available, it can be tough to find that one item that you’re looking for. Faceted search lets you quickly narrow down and refine your search results based on the criteria you set, by selecting and combining various attributes – or facets. By adding more facets to your search selection, you continue to refine your search based on your own criteria, to get to that one piece of information that you need.

To try out faceted search:

1. From any page on the site type your text search in the box. Notice that if you’re already in a community area, Search will automatically refine your search to that community section. You can also choose ‘Entire site’ if you want to broaden your search.

For this example, I’ll type in ‘SEP 12 Installation.’ Notice that because I’m starting from the Backup and Recovery community, I’ll need to expand my search to all of the Connect site.

My search returned in over 36K results. Here’s where search facets shine.  I can then choose from a number of facets that will refine the content. I choose ‘Security’ and it filters to 19K results. From there, I refine by Product, choosing Symantec Protection Suites which results in further filtering. Then, I can specify by content type and request only Blogs. Finally, I have only items to search from, and then I can quickly spot a relevant document, “Configuring SEP 12.1 in Virtual Environments.”

If I’ve narrowed my search too much and can’t find what I’m looking for, I can broaden my search at any time by removing facets from the search just by clicking the 'x' icon in the Current Search box.

Don’t forget, if you’re searching through forum posts, you can also choose to see only solved posts.

Here’s another search tip, above and beyond using search facets. Don’t forget that you can refine your search just by what you type in the search field, using a combination of words, phrases and advanced search operators ("+" and "-"). You can click on the Search Tips to see a set of examples on how to use advanced search features.

We hope you’ll find the enhanced search features useful in getting you to the information you need. 

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