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Helpdesk Worker Grid Views

Created: 09 May 2008 • Updated: 12 May 2008 • 2 comments
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Many of us would like to see more columns added to the worker grid in helpdesk. Here is a fairly simple process to add those columns.

  1. You must first create a custom folder on your helpdesk server. If you have a default install of helpdesk you can find this at c:/program files/altiris/helpdesk/AexHd. In this directory create the custom folder.
  2. After you have created your custom folder browse to the templates directory. Locate and copy the WorkItemTable.ascx
  3. Paste this file into your custom directory. You will also want to rename this file to cussubWorkItemTable.ascx and remove the read only attribute by right clicking on that file and going to properties.
  4. Now you are ready to edit that file. Open the file with windows Notepad or some other text editor.
    Down at the bottom of the file you will see the Columns section. In this section you will also see entries that resemble <aw:Colum DataField="workitem_number' Name=.....

    You will notice that at present what is listed here is what you currently see on your worker grid.. You can simply copy the first line and paste it below. In the line you pasted in you will want to make some modifications to it.

    If you want to add a Created By User Field you could add in the following line.

    <aw:Column DataField="contact_name" Name="Created By" Width="139" />

    Notice I changed the workitem_number to contact_name and I also changed the Name= field from Name="sidColNumber" to Name="Created By"

    My ascx file looks like this:

  5. After you have configured your grid view you now have to add a custom.config file to the AeXHD directory. This file tells the helpdesk that you would like to use a custom configuration.

    Browse to the C:\Program Files\Altiris\Helpdesk\AeXHD directory and right click in that directory. Select New and text document. Name the text document custom.config

  6. When you have the file created added the following text.
     <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    	<files path="~/custom/">
    	<file id="subWorkItemTable" file="custSubWorkItemTable.ascx" />
  7. You will then need to restart IIS. Click on Start/Run then type IISRESET
  8. In your helpdesk worker console you should see the tables you have just added. If you do not you can click on the table grid view

    Then click on Restore Defaults and then on Ok.

    The grid fields you input into the custom file should now show up for every worker.

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That's a nice way to change the default Columns, but I've found that in the little "How to use Altiris Helpdesk" course I give to new IT employees showing them how to change that grid themselves by using the table view button is a better way.

Many people find additional information important and other information simply a hinderance to their process. Giving them the freedom to control the grid themselves.

- Matt

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trb48's picture

It is nice to know that you can tweak Helpdesk. I am glad that we have the flexibility to give each user the ability to tweak their own interface. I can't wait to globally add more more fields to the grid.

Thanks for the info...

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