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Home-Based Business Offers

Created: 31 Dec 2007 08:00:00 GMT • Updated: 23 Jan 2014 18:43:20 GMT
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Job offer spam has been around a while. Itused to work like this: spammer joins job hunting site as a prospectiveemployer, "researches" resumes of prospective employees, and then spamsthose individuals with job offers of home-based businesses. Or,sometimes no job hunting site was involved at all. It was just aspammer sending spam on a home-based business offer. Home-basedbusiness can be legitimate; however, if the offer comes to you via spamthan it most likely is not.

The spammers used to use the job hunting sites themselves to sendthe offers. The recipient would receive the job offer through the siteswhere they had uploaded their resumes and it all looked legitimateuntil they read what the "job offer" actually was. What we are seeingnow is spammers branching out. They appear to have collected the namesof job hunters through these sites and are now sending the job offersdirectly to the prospective employees without going through the jobhunting sites.

The emails they send with the "job offer" look like they are comingfrom reputable sources, but if you look closely, that "From:" line isforged. The spammers are collecting the names of job seekers,constructing emails of job offers that are forged to appear as if theyare coming from the well known job hunting sites, and then spammingthese prospective employees themselves.

Look carefully at the job offers that come your way. Even if it saysit's coming from one of the reputable job hunting sites. Some questionsto ask yourself would be:
1. Have you registered with these job hunting Web sites and does your account currently accept job notification alerts?
2. Are the links and/or contact information associated to the job hunting Web site?
3. Is there an legal opt out?
4. If you are really interested in the offer, it is better to loginyour account to look for the job offer information on the actual jobhunting site.