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How to Add Global Assembly Cache to MSI

Created: 15 Apr 2009
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Method 1:

Add to MSIAssembly, MSIAssemblyName Table

How to Add .NET assemblies ( Global Assembly Cache )with WisePackageStudio ?

Step 1: Add the below key to registry to view GAC in Folder view.

Step 2: Open MSI with WFWI,Change application type to Mixed (.NET and Win32)

Step 3: Go to Installation Expert,Files Section>Add all the folder which has
your GAC entries to Global Assembly Cache Folder.
Your entries will be present in MSIAssembly, MSIAssemblyName Table 

Method 2:

Use Regasm and GACUtil Command in CustomAction to Install the assembly.

Commandline to install:

regasm [path]abc.dll
gacutil /i [path]abc.dll

Commandline to uninstall:

regasm /unregister [path]abc.dll
gacutil /u [path]abc .dll