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How to Automate/Email Enable Helpdesk Reports for Daily Backlog, Weekly Created/Closed for Enviorments with Multiple Queues

Created: 25 Feb 2009 • Updated: 03 Mar 2009 • 1 comment
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This article is intended to assist Helpdesk Admin automate daily backlog, weekly closed/open incidents, and weekly Individual team members performance reports for email delivery. This article is intended for Helpdesk environments that have numerous queues and need certain team's data sent via email for management review.

In our environment we have numerous queues and the default out of the box reports Altiris provides did not fit our team's needs since the reports show data for the system as a whole. See the queues below.

Our IT management team wanted the following reports that could also be automated and sent via email.

  1. Daily backlog IT OPS team
    1. Totals for each team and an overall count.
  2. Weekly Closed and opened IT OPS Team
    1. Totals for each team and an overall count.
  3. Weekly Individual performance per Team

Our IT OPS team includes the following Queues

  1. IT Support
  2. IT System Admin
  3. IT Telecom
  4. IT Network.

We created reports for all of the above requests and since we make the owner of any Incident the team queue this made the reports fairly easy to create. Note in the SQl below how we take the owned by worker id and use the team queue numbers.

I have included all the reports for you to download and test in your environment. You will need to change the owned by worker numbers to you own requirements. You will also need to change the file ext. to xml.

Example of the SQL for Daily backlog:

select distinct count(T0.[workitem_number]) as '# Incidents Backlog',T0.[owned_by_worker_full_name] AS Team  
FROM [HD_workitem_current_view] T0  
WHERE workitem_owned_by_worker_id in (136,138,132,21,134)  
AND T0.[workitem_status_lookup_value] < > 'Closed'  
GROUP BY T0.[owned_by_worker_full_name]  
select distinct count(T0.[workitem_number]) as ItemCount, 'Total Count' AS 'Total Count' 
FROM [HD_workitem_current_view] T0  
WHERE workitem_owned_by_worker_id in (136,138,132,21,134)  
AND T0.[workitem_status_lookup_value] < > 'Closed'

The result of the report looks like this:

The next step is creating a task that will automate the email of these reports.

  1. Go to View>Task>Incident Resolution>Incidents>Helpdesk>Notification policy
  2. Click New Notification policy
    1. Provide name
    2. Under source - browse to the Report you desire
    3. Enable schedule - Choose a daily or weekly schedule to run this report.
    4. Under automated actions - choose email automated action
    5. Provide name, enable, Execute Only once, Provide email address you want to receive the report, provide subject and in the message ensure you type %Results% so the email has the results of the report.

The results of the email will look like this:

Repeat steps for all reports.

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See also referential information available in there:

KB 34994

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should be Environment perhaps? ;-)

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