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How can I remove the Knowledge Base Search field in the winuser console?

Created: 03 Jan 2007 • Updated: 29 May 2007 • 3 comments
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We are getting ready to rollout the Altiris Help Desk Solution and wanted to remove the option for the users to search the knowledge base because we don't have one in place yet. Do you know how I can deactivate this feature? I also wanted to know if anyone knows how to remove the option for the user to select the second dropdown menu for the categories.

For instance, we want the user to be able to select the first category which is between IT or Facilities. From that point on, we want to be able to select the categories depending on what their request is. Where can I remove their option to view or select the second, third, and forth dropdowns?



1. To remove the option to search the Knowledgebase, browse to the Configuration tab > Configuration > Server Settings > Notifification Server Settings > Security Roles > Altiris Guests. On the Privileges tab, locate the Helpdesk Privileges and clear the "View KB Articles" permission.

2. Currently, removing the dropdowns is not a feature in Helpdesk Solution and would require a customization. To accomplish this customization, one suggestion would be to modify the winuser template and point it to the custom version of the catagory xml file that contains only the categories of IT and Facilities.

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Hello, Tiana-

You will definitely have to customize the console to accomplish what you want to accomplish here. If you don't like the full tree, you might build another lookup with only IT and facilities in that lookup and hide the category tree. Even if you limit the tree depth to 1, it basically compacts all of the values within that one dropdown. So, you might make another field titled RequestType or something to that effect, populate it with your two values and work off that. As far as the category tree goes, you may just add the visible="false" tag to it so it is not visible.

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i have installed Helpdesk SP5 and have noticed that the kb search field has gone. HAs anyone else noticed this change and know how to get it back?


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Is it missing from the winuser console or from the kb section of the worker console?

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