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How to check the NS various event queue statuses (at once)?

Created: 30 Nov 2009 • Updated: 30 Nov 2009
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When something goes wrong in a Notification Server some of the event queues can quickly build up and get filled (returning status_full = true). In these cases the best option to check all of the event queues at once is to go to the registry and to look into "HKLM > Software > Altiris > eXpress > Notification Server".
As shown on the featured image (also available below), this registry key shows a number of elements related to the event queues generalized and detailed here:
  • <QueueName>CurrentCount
  • <QueueName>Size
  • <QueueName>Full
  • <QueueName>InvalidCurrentCount
  • <QueueName>InvalidCurrentSize
Where <QueueName> can be:
  • EvtQFast
  • EvtQLarge
  • EvtQSlow
  • EvtQueue

So in a single screen you can check which queue are full (you can see on the screen shot that the fast queue is full, highlighted in red), how big it is as well as the bad folder status (global count and size).
!Note 1: In between the two big green section in the screen shot you'll find the EvtQueueCheckSecond entry. This is the interval used to check the various event queue size. By default it is checked every 180 seconds, so the data is accurate to ~ 3 minutes.

!Note 2: The maximum number of files and size for queues are driven by 2 registry entries highlighted in red: MaxFileQEventCount and MaxFileQSize(KB) set by default to 20,000 and 512,000 respectively.