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How to Create a DNS Alias for the Symantec Service Desk Process Manager Page

Created: 04 Sep 2012 • 1 comment
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Many companies like to use an DNS alias so that users can easily reach a web page. An example would be for users to just type in "servicedesk" into the browser and have it redirected to the Service Desk page. However, doing this in Service Desk is a little tricky to do because it may crash when only an alias is created when trying to reach http://servername/processmanager. Here are the steps to make it work properly:

  • Create a DNS Alias that points to <servername>.<domain>.local on your DNS server (
  • Go on the service desk server and open up IIS
  • Expand Sites and click on Default Web Site
  • Under IIS heading you'll see ASP. Right-click on it and Explore
  • Make a copy of default.asp
  • Edit default.asp to the following:
Select Case Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_HOST")
Case "<DNS alias>", "<DNS alias>.<domain>.local"
Response.Redirect "http://<DNS alias>/ProcessManager"
End Select

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Does this still work in SD 7.5 (SP1)?

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