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How to Customize Office 2007 Deployments

Created: 06 Oct 2009 • Updated: 06 Oct 2009 • 1 comment
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1. Create your Office customization by running

setup.exe /admin

Which will open up the Office Customization tool

2. Select Create a new Office Professional Plus 2007 option

3. Take the settings as you want in the following set of options available

 a) Setup
 b) Features
 c) Additional Content
 d) Outlook

4. Save the resulting msp in the same directory

5. Run the  setup.exe with following option

 setup.exe /admin office.msp

Tips to update the patches

If we get any updates, say any patches from Microsoft then place it in Updates folder

Setup.exe has a logic to read and execute the newly found msp files from the Updates folder

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If you save the .MSP file to the \Updates folder, there is no need to specify it on the command line.  You can also extract any updates (as .msp files, by running the patch's .exe with a /x switch) and those will be applied automatically.  There is some confusing documentation on MS's website about the whole process; it may help to name your customization .MSP file 1_MyCustomSetup.msp or something as there is some information at MS which suggests that all MSPs are evaluated in alphabetical order...

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