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How to discover the Saveset ID from the Item ID in Discovery Accelerator

Created: 23 Jun 2009 • Updated: 29 May 2014
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Using Discovery Accelerator you find an item that is failing to export using the export or production features in Discovery Accelerator

So now you need to prove the item exists in the archive.

There are two ways to do this
1. Search in EV and dig through mounts of results to fine the one item
2. Find the item Saveset ID and then search in EV by Saveset

Option one make little sense as the search will be fast but unless your search is very, very targetted chances are you will get back hundreds if not thousands of results which will take you hours to look through to find the one item you need

Option two is the easier way to go as it will get you the saveset and then you just search for the saveset or in the case of a Centera you can extract the saveset direct from the Centera device. (see

/* Run this query against the Discovery Accelerator database to find the saveset id. Note: The discovereditemid is
found in Review Items for the case */
select kvssavesetid
from tblintdiscovereditems
where discovereditemid = '10624077'