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How to do backups of your Enterprise Vault environment

Created: 04 Jan 2008 • Updated: 29 May 2014
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Who needs backups?

Everyone needs a sound backup strategy so in this article we are covering an area that every Enterprise Vault customer should fully understand. Many calls to our support lines are customers in need of urgent advice when they have had a catastrophic failure of part of their infrastructure. In many instances they have made a decision to move away from backups after installing and configuring Enterprise Vault and consider it to be their backup solution. This is true – Enterprise Vault is a strong part of a total data protection strategy, but customers are always advised to backup their data for worst-case DR scenarios.

Why is this important to me?

The content that your company has stored in Enterprise Vault is extremely valuable to your company (be it from Email , File Systems, SharePoint or 3rd party products) and without it being indexed and archived you could have financial &/or legal exposure. Because of the flexible framework that Enterprise Vault delivers, customers mistakenly have just backed up their archived content, and neglected to take a backup of their whole environment.

When you consider your Enterprise Vault environment, it contains archived data, system settings, SQL archive and monitoring databases, and Indexes. It is essential that each part of this framework is properly backed up to insure the infrastructure is completely protected.

We're pleased to say that we now have a  Best Practice paper available to help you understand the many common planning and execution issues  in order to know how best  to protect your infrastructure.

So… how to you find out more ?

Go to this URL and download a copy of the paper for yourself