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How do I create a report based on a Lease end date?

Created: 03 Jan 2007 • Updated: 29 May 2007 • 1 comment
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I have multiple leases associated with multiple resources. I have an Altiris report that will list which leases are due in X amount of days. I would like to expand that to actually list the resources associated with a lease that expires in X amount of days. How would I proceed with this? Ultimately, we would have these sent out as emails to remind us when systems are coming due. Thanks.

The following are some basic steps that I have used to accomplish this request.

  1. Browse to Reports tab > Assets and Inventory > Contract Management > Contract > and locate the report "Contracts Expiring in N Days."
  2. Right-click on the report and click "Clone" to make a copy of the report.
  3. Edit the report and under Global Parameters edit the Days Value from 1 to "60, 90, 120, etc." and also uncheck "Prompt user for value when report is run.
  4. Now, under Tasks you can create a Notification Policy based on your custom report to send email or helpdesk ticket "N" amount of days prior to the lease expiration.
  5. To see a list of computers or items that belong to the lease, drill down on the lease report and go to the Summary Tab. There you should see a link called "Count of Serial Number that appear as assets." This link provides you with the list of items that belongs to the lease and can assist with end of lease activites.

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Thank you for the directions. That worked perfectly.

My only challenge is that it seems an onerous way to get the information I am looking for. One has to open the report then click on a link to figure out which systems are due. With multiple leases coming due at any given time, it creates a situation where the end user needs to do a lot of click through.

I can't think of what I am looking for other than in the simplest terms, a report that lists the systems first and their associated leases. The end user in these cases doesn't care about the financial aspect, more about "which systems do I need to prep to return to the vendor".

Any recommendations or best practices would be helpful.

Thank you.

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