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How Do Our Small Business Solutions Stack Up?

Created: 10 May 2010 • 2 comments
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Did you know Symantec has products specifically designed for small business that focus on ease of use and ease of management?

We offer security, backup, imaging and deployment products that are ideal for customers with less complex IT infrastructures. These solutions are easy to install and come with preconfigured settings so that even users with no IT staff at hand can get up and running quickly to avoid any business down time.  Symantec is  on the forefront of offering these types of solutions as standalone products as well as in all in one suites giving businesses the peace of mind they need to focus on running their business

Click here to see what your peers are saying about Symantec’s small business products  and stay tuned for some exciting new releases in the upcoming months.

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May 14, 2010
Altiris Client Management Suite Problems
An overview of issues concerning the Symantec/Altiris Client Management Suite application.
1.  The entire web-based management console is too slow to beused in a “real-life” production environment.
     A couple of examples : The majority of the menus, command selections, controls, report results, etc. take several seconds to
    display information, pop-up menus get stuck and cannot be closed.  The end-user is left to deal with a very non-responsive
    Control console that becomes very frustrating and time-consuming to use.
2.  Although the product appears to have several strong capabilities, it appears that the user must have a very through working
     knowledge of Windows and Unix script writing, and SQL database query/report writing and administration to get the full use of
     the product-line.
3.  Documentation is very lacking for the entire Symantec/Altiris product-line.  It consists primarily of a lot of high-level “about”
    information, and no detailed, explanitory “how-to” information.  Even the instruction manuals from the Client Management Suite
    training class is very lacking.  Their websites leave one “chasing their tail in circles” when trying to locate any information.
In general, this product-line is too much of a “bear” to get your hands around.  It appears to have been designed for use by only programmers, and SQL database administrators.
With the high initial cost of this product, and also the high cost of their training, Symantec should attempt to improve on the product’s usability, better and more informative documentation, and ease of use by “normal” users (not programmers).
Note :
All of Symantec’s minimum hardware requirements were met or exceeded by our equipment, and the recommended installation locations of the Client Management Suite and all related components (including SQL 2005 database) were followed.
Billy Joe Moon

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Hi Billy,

As no one else has commented on what you've said, I'll throw in my two pennies worth.

  1. The Web-based management tools being slow and clunky
    Can't argue with you there, you are right on the button. Improvements are being made, and the 32-bit feel is on the return with siverlight. How much Symantec will invest on this side though only the Suite Managers can answer.
  2. Users requiring strong Windows/Unix script and SQL to leverage product
    Can't argue again with you there. But Symantec Connect is a brilliant resource and can help you massively. You've experienced lots of problems, but this comment is your only post so far. Try out the forums -if you want to leverage Altiris there are many here who will help.
  3. Lacking Documentation and expensive training
    I'm completely missing my argumentative bone today, and once again agree. The documentation isn't targeted in the manner we as admins would like. For instance, I want to know  "I've got to deploy Adobe Reader 9.1.3 to vulnerable computers. How do I do that?!?". You won't find a good Altiris doc on how to do that, and a trainer won't help and will steer you towards consultancy. But once again, Connect is a great resource, and many people here are asking just those types of questions and getting answers

In short, the product is a bear, but it is a powerful bear. If you are willing to take the time to understand it, you'll find that it will help you lock-on to a methodical best-practice and will save you heaps of time. It will just do everything in the background, so you only need to log into that clunky console when you need to change/add something.
I wish too that it could be easier for 'normal' users, with template jobs configured and waiting to activate service pack rollouts, software rollouts and asset management tasks.

For now though, all of this does exist on Connect. And if you can't find it yourself, fire off a post and someone will undoubtedly show you where it is.

Kind Regards,

Ian Atkin, IT Services, Oxford University, UK

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