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How does SVS resolve software conflicts differently than Wise Package Studio?

Created: 30 Jan 2006 • Updated: 29 Jul 2010
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Dean asked, "Does SVS resolve software conflicts differently than Wise Package Studio? If so, how are they different?"

Hi Dean. ConflictManager (a component of Wise Package Studio) provides functionality for detecting and resolving conflicts prior to deployment, by tracking all desktop components (applications, drivers, base images, etc.) in a database called the Wise Software Repository. Conflict Manager then compares all of these components to identify potential conflicts, and provides guidance on optimizing your software packages. For conventional installers like MSIs, that could mean changing packages so that each application uses the same version of any shared components.

With SVS, conflicts are avoided by running each application from its own virtual layer. Each application always uses its own versions of any shared resources -- both files and registry keys, thereby avoiding software conflicts altogether. But just because SVS allows you to deploy many different versions of the same file at the same path, that doesn't mean it's always the best thing. Who wants five different versions of a DLL if they aren't all really necessary for application compatibility? For Virtual Software Packages, ConflictManager can help you identify whether it's really necessary to deploy multiple versions, so that you can minimize duplications. (I guess when working with VSPs, it's really Duplication Manager, huh?)

Regardless, Wise Package Studio does a lot more than just ConflictManager. And in the future, we'll be including some sort of "Wise Lite" utility with SVS (similar to what we do with DS) instead of SVS Admin, but for advanced functionality, Wise Package Studio Pro will be the answer. For example:

  • compare VSPs
  • test VSPs
  • merge VSPs
  • configure platform- or machine-specific options
  • create, edit and test embedded scripts
  • fingerprint/sign VSPs
  • packaging project management
  • more TBD!