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How to force the AMAgent to send data faster than once a day

Created: 28 Jan 2014 • 5 comments
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If you are testing Application Metering either in the lab or during a POC, you may wish to have the Application Metering Agent (AMAgent) send its data in a timely fashion, as its UI only offers either Daily or Weekly.



The following queries will allow you to do just this as well as to revert back to the original setting afterward for supportability:


--/ Obtain existing value (default = 86400)

SELECT State FROM Item WHERE [Guid] = '97D80113-8FE1-4ABD-AB08-EC7C8DDBDEF5'


--/ Change default using value in seconds (this example is for 5 minutes)

UPDATE Item SET State = '<item><Application type="inventory" interval="360" /></item>' WHERE Guid = '97D80113-8FE1-4ABD-AB08-EC7C8DDBDEF5'


--/ Rollback

UPDATE Item SET State = '<item><Application type="inventory" interval="86400" /></item>' WHERE Guid = '97D80113-8FE1-4ABD-AB08-EC7C8DDBDEF5'

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Igor Perevozchikov's picture

Hi SK,

I see that even if admin has modified default '86400' to '360', then after creation of App Metering policy and setting up "Daily" schedule, SMA receives App metering policy with default '86400", even if I've set it to '360'


<Policy guid="{572143C4-9831-443E-8678-A2E2223F90AD}" name="1app metering" version="7.5.1673.0" hash="05EFA7EDC52962BC42A07640140BA71" userPolicy="">
    <ClientPolicy agentClsid="Altiris.ProcessMonitor" enabled="True">
        <Application type="detail" stop="False" ScheduleNotification="True" InventoryOnly="True" NotificationInterval="86400" Denial="True" ImmediateDenialNotification="False" DenialEvent="True" DenialEmail="False">




iddqd idkfa idclip

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SK's picture

What version did you try this on as it has worked for me in the past?

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Igor Perevozchikov's picture

As far as I remember, that was ITMS 7.5 release {Inventory Solution 7.5.1597}

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I've used this to do it on a per machine basis.


How to quickly see if metering is sending events?

This manual modification will override the send events interval set on the NS for metering events.

  1. Set the Capture Events Folder to capture the outgoing NSEs. (See How to capture events (or any NSE) sent from the client)
  2. Open up the registry editor using regedit.exe
  3. Locate the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Altiris\Altiris Agent
  4. In the key Altiris Agent Make a New > Key named AMAgent.
  5. In the key AMAgent, make a DWORD value named Interval.
  6. Set the value of Interval to a value 30(Decimal).
  7. Restart the Altiris agent service once to enable this hack.
  8. Try launching applications which would trigger sending events.
  9. The events should get captured in under a minute in the Captured events folder that you’ve just set.
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petr_sanda's picture

The registry hack does not work for 7.1 SP2.. at least not for me.

and btw, 5m is 300 seconds, not 360 ;) So that's why it probably does not work for Igor. NS is prepared for 5m(demo only), 1day, 2days, 7days and 14days. (in respective seconds of course).

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