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How to freeze a batch file or do not allow the users to close the batch file ?

Created: 03 Dec 2009 • Updated: 12 Jul 2010 • 10 comments
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CMDOW is a Commandline utility that allows manipulation of open windows. This is a standalone executable for which no installation is required.

  CMDOW [window | /T] [/B] [/F] [/P]
  CMDOW /TH | /TV | /MA | /CW | /UW | /AT | /FS | /WM
  CMDOW window {[/ACT] [/INA] [/ENA] [/DIS] [/VIS] [/HID] [/MIN] [/MAX] [/RES]
        [/TOP] [/NOT] [/REN caption] [/MOV left top] [/SIZ width height] [/CLS]
  CMDOW /RUN [state] file [args]

  window  List specified window (if omitted, all windows are listed).
  /T      List windows only shown on the taskbar.
  /B      List windows using bare format (no heading information).
  /F      List windows showing full information (don't truncate any fields).
  /P      List windows showing position and size (left, top, width and height).

  /TH     Tile windows horizontally.    /TV     Tile windows vertically.
  /MA     Minimize all windows.         /CW     Cascade windows.
  /UW     Undo tile/minimize/cascade.   /AT     Intelligent [Alt]-[Tab]
  /FS     Switch to full screen mode.   /WM     Switch to window mode.

  /ACT    Activate specified window.    /INA    Inactivate specified window.
  /ENA    Enable specified window.      /DIS    Disable specified window.
  /VIS    Unhide specified window.      /HID    Hide specified window.
  /MIN    Minimize specified window.    /MAX    Maximize specified window.
  /RES    Restore specified window.     /REN    Rename specified window.
  /TOP    Make window always on top.    /NOT    Make window not always on top.
  /MOV    Move specified window.        /SIZ    Resize specified window.
  /CLS    Close specified window.       /END    Kill process linked to window.

  /RUN    Executes or opens specified file using associated application.
  state   Initial show state of window (/MIN, /MAX or /HID). Default is normal.
  args    Optional commandline arguments passed to launched application.

  Specify a window by its caption (case insensitive) or handle in hex format.
  The At symbol '@' may be used to refer to this window. For more help on any
  parameter use CMDOW /? <parameter>. Eg CMDOW /? /RUN or CMDOW /? window.

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This can be used but note that many anti-virus software will deteact it as a virus, used by hackers but can be verified by  file hash signature (MD5 or SHA) maches.  Would run /MIN but not sure what is needed for your specific Batch file.
Could run:
cmdow /run /hid my_batchfile cmd1 "cmd 2"

To run all hidden check this out:

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Nice posts, thanks both of you for these commands.

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Not sure many people would be comfortable to deploy scripts using this tool considering ThreatExpert summary of it as below:

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There is a small tool called HIDCON.exe that can run any batch-command in a hidden window.
The size is only 2KB and the only parameter in "-nw" means "no wait". As a default (without -nw) the program will wait for the end of the subprocess and forwards its errorcode.

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There are some very great sources here and thank you for being so kind to post them here. So we can read them and give our opinion on subject.

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Can't changing the priority of the file solve the problem?

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Thanks, I think than i'll never find this.

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Well worth the read. Thanks for sharing this information. I got a chance to know about the commandline utility CMDOW.

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I think I have just found exactly what I were looking for. I can’t thank you enough for this post about the commandline utility and would definitely not leave without expressing my gratitude and thanks through this comment. Keep up the good work. Thanks   

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