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How to install patches for RALUS, RMALS and RAMS

Created: 03 Jan 2011
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After you installed a hotfix or ran LiveUpdate to install hotfixes, you got to check the Agents directory under the BE installation directory to see whether there is a patch for  the Remote Agent for Linux or UNIX Servers (RALUS), Remote Media Agent for Linux Servers (RMALS) or Remote Agent for Macintosh Systems (RAMS).  This is because when a hotfix fixes a problem with RALUS, RMALS and RAMS, it will place a patch in the Agents directory under the BE installation directory.  There is no alert to notify you of this patch.

To install these patches,

  1. Create a directory on the Unix, Linux or Mac machines.
  2. Copy the hotfix into this directory
  3. Unpack the hotfix file, e.g tar -zxvf ralus4164HF138226.tar
  4. Switch to super-user
  5. Run the command ./ to install the patch.

If you are using an X-terminal session, you can use Archive Manager to extract the file, in place of Step 3.