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How to obtain WinPE drivers for Ghost 2.5.1

Created: 01 Nov 2011 • Updated: 20 Sep 2012
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Prepare the client machine
Step1: Find the Device info for Network and Storage
If your client machine has Operating system  then you can find the device info by going into MSINFO32.exe on run box
 --> Open system information under >Accessories>system tools>system info
Start > Run > msinfo32.exe
To find Network device info
Go under Components>network>Adapter>PNP Device ID >(On the right pane try to find the one which starts with PCI\VEN_xxxx& DEV_xxxx)
Same info can be found under device manager>network devices>right click on ethernet device>Details>hardware ID then you can find PCI/VEN_xxxx&DEV_xxx
To find Storage device info
Go under Components>Storage >IDE>PNP Device ID >(On the right pane try to find the one which starts with PCI\VEN_xxxx& DEV_xxxx)
We need VEN_xxxx  and DEV_xxxx  (Ignore the 0x before the ID)
Example VEN_8086 and DEV_27c1
Goto  Vendor website :
-Download the Vista 32 bit NIC and Storage drivers 
 or ( )
1. Enter the Vendor ID in the Vendor Search and Device ID in the Device Search.
2. Click on search opposite to Device Search.
3. Under Device Search Results, click on the Vendor Name which has the required Vendor ID.
4. The page changes to Vendor Details.
5. Hit Control F and enter the device ID.
6. It will locate the exact under General Information and Chip Number provides the model no. of the NIC card or the SATA controller.
Please check the video tutorial below for adding drivers
Video Tutorial on adding driver to Ghost boot Wizard to Win PE

How to set the Ghost console to use your custom WinPE boot package as the pre-OS for your Client computer.

1.             Open the Ghost console.

2.             Navigate to the Machine group containing your client.

3.             If every computer in the group can use the new boot image: (Optional step)

1.                    Right-click on the Machine group folder and click on Set Virtual Partition pre-OS.

2.                    Click on the custom pre-OS and click OK.

4.             If you want to apply the "Custom pre-OS" to just one computer follow the below steps:

1.                    Right-click on the client and click Properties.

2.                    Click on the Client tab.

3.                    In the "Virtual Partition pre-OS" section, click on the Custom WinPE package in the dropdown menu.

4.                    In the "Properties for client" window click OK.
Note: The next time you start a task with this client that requires a restart, it will use the custom package.