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How to report the content of a Filter, to export as CSV

Created: 03 Oct 2012 • Updated: 03 Oct 2012 • 4 comments
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Did you already angry because not able to export or copy/paste (text) the content of a filter ? As we were able with NS6 crying

With a report, we still are not able to copy/paste directly into Excel no It is one our feature request to Symantec enlightened thanks to vote those:

But at least, we are able to export as CSV, ouf ! 

It is explain "Howto" there... :

But I believe you will prefer this shorter version:

Here a sample displaying "sotware" typical filter: just replace (bold) the GUID of the filter (see property of the filter) & the "Sot Name" yours:

This sample show multiple lines for same pc if multiple versions same "soft", but just remove this (Inv_AddRemoveProgram) if required.

SELECT     r.Guid AS '_ItemGuid', r.Name AS 'Resource', r.[User], r.CreatedDate, Inv_AeX_AC_Identification.[Client Date], r.[System Type], r.[OS Name], Inv_Global_User_General_Details.Email,

                      Inv_Global_User_General_Details.[Job Title], Inv_AeX_AC_Identification.[Last Logon User], Inv_AddRemoveProgram.DisplayName,

                      Inv_AddRemoveProgram.DisplayVersion, vItem.Name AS FilterName

FROM         vItem INNER JOIN

                      CollectionMembership INNER JOIN

                      Inv_AddRemoveProgram INNER JOIN

                      vComputerEx AS r ON Inv_AddRemoveProgram._ResourceGuid = r.Guid ON CollectionMembership.ResourceGuid = r.Guid ON

                      vItem.Guid = CollectionMembership.CollectionGuid LEFT OUTER JOIN

                      Inv_Global_User_General_Details INNER JOIN

                      Inv_Global_Windows_Users ON Inv_Global_User_General_Details._ResourceGuid = Inv_Global_Windows_Users._ResourceGuid ON

                      r.[User] = Inv_Global_Windows_Users.UserId FULL OUTER JOIN

                      Inv_AeX_AC_Identification ON r.Guid = Inv_AeX_AC_Identification._ResourceGuid

WHERE     (Inv_Global_User_General_Details.Email NOT LIKE '') AND (Inv_AddRemoveProgram.DisplayName LIKE N'Java%') AND

                      (CollectionMembership.CollectionGuid = 'cbe9791c-7ed3-4b05-9129-c04d61cc8a23')

ORDER BY Inv_AeX_AC_Identification.[Client Date] DESC

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I use this in a report:

SELECT TOP (100) PERCENT rc.Guid AS '_ItemGuid', id.Name AS 'Computer', gd.[Display Name] AS 'Primary User', MAX(cl.[Login Time]) AS 'Last Login', gd.Email

FROM dbo.RM_ResourceComputer AS rc LEFT OUTER JOIN
dbo.Inv_AeX_AC_Identification AS id ON id._ResourceGuid = rc.Guid LEFT OUTER JOIN
dbo.ResourceAssociation AS ra ON ra.ParentResourceGuid = rc.Guid AND ra.ResourceAssociationTypeGuid = '%Filter%' LEFT OUTER JOIN
dbo.Inv_AeX_AC_Primary_User AS pu ON pu._ResourceGuid = rc.Guid AND pu._id =
(SELECT TOP (1) _id
FROM dbo.Inv_AeX_AC_Primary_User
WHERE (id._ResourceGuid = _ResourceGuid)

dbo.Inv_Global_Windows_Users AS wu ON wu.UserId = pu.[User] LEFT OUTER JOIN
dbo.Inv_Global_User_General_Details AS gd ON gd._ResourceGuid = wu._ResourceGuid INNER JOIN
dbo.Evt_AeX_Client_LogOn AS cl ON cl._ResourceGuid = id._ResourceGuid INNER JOIN
dbo.CollectionMembership ON rc.Guid = dbo.CollectionMembership.ResourceGuid AND dbo.CollectionMembership.CollectionGuid = '%Filter%'

GROUP BY rc.Guid, id.Name, gd.[Display Name], gd.Email

ORDER BY 'Computer'

with a Query Parameter called "Filter", Type: "Basic Guid Parameter".

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I created a simple report for this purpose, import the attached xml (report) to console and change the parameter to the filter you needed.

Filter Membership 3.61 KB
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You are GODS! 

Thank you so much!smiley



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Emil-Jose - thanks for sharing your report!

Don't forget to mark posts as helpful if they are, and mark answers as solutions.

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