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How Secure Is Safe Enough?

Earlier this month at Mobile World Congress, Symantec announced File Sync and Share that is truly private. So, how does privacy play a role in our lives, and what kinds of secure control does Norton by Symantec provide file-sharing consumers and business
Created: 26 Mar 2014 • Updated: 26 Mar 2014
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Earlier this month at Mobile World Congress, Symantec announced File Sync and Share that is truly private.  So how private is private enough?  The answer depends on who you are, what you are trying to keep private and whom you are trying to keep it private from.  Keeping family vacation pictures from turning up on the local newspaper may be less important than preventing company confidential information from falling into the hands of competitors domestic or foreign.


Today’s increasingly mobile workforce and the adoption of user-provided devices (BYOD) is driving the need for being able to access company content anywhere from any

device.  Yet, achieving this greater access often comes with an increased risk.  Employees typically resort to using file sharing services without the endorsement and support of their IT teams – a survey by AIIM last year already showed a quarter of the respondent companies were experiencing the use of unofficial file sharing sites.  Often the services are consumer grade and lack strong security features. 

A recent survey for Stroz Friedberg on Information Security conducted by KRC Research measured that 87% of the senior managers (and nearly 75% of all workers) polled regularly uploaded work files to a personal email or cloud account. While no security technology is ever 100% failsafe and there is more to security than the technology dimension alone, protecting information through measures such as customer-managed keys and robust datacenter operation procedures gives customers confidence regarding the security of their information.

A service such as Norton Zone powered by Symantec, which lets customers manage encryption keys themselves, keeps their files private from prying eyes and limits anyone from looking into customer files.  With employees using this kind of service, even if a government agency were to obtain the customer’s encrypted files, decryption would require the keys held by the customer, thus limiting the agency’s ability to access the files without the company’s knowledge.

With privacy a growing concern among businesses and individuals, it is important to be equipped with the tools and knowledge to protect personal and company data as we move into a more mobile world, with increasingly rapid exchanges of information anywhere as we go about our daily lives.  Secure cloud data privacy from Norton Zone is one way that Symantec is helping the world breathe a little bit easier as we pick up the pace.