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How the "Stock Room" is Used in Asset Management Solution 6.5

Created: 28 Mar 2008 • 1 comment
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With the release of Asset Management 6.5 the whole process of Receiving and Stock Rooms have been added. Here is a summary of how the stock room is used.

Stock rooms are used to house and monitor consumable catalog items. Consumable items are less important assets that are not tracked as individual resources but by quantity in the Stock Room resource type. Stock rooms are linked to a manager who is the recipient of stock allocation requests and order notifications. Stock room order items can be linked to an owner. For consumables this must be a cost center/department (as the cost is attributed to the cost items dataclass), which ensures that accounting details are recorded. Stock rooms are unique based on location.

In the Stock Order Details, the Order Level field for each row, means that when the number of a particular item in the stock room goes down to the specified order level, the stock room manager will be notified, and a purchase order will be automatically generated. Number to Order is the number of items that will be ordered by default when the Replenish Stock Room Quantities notification automatically generates a purchase order.

E-mail must be configured for the Stock Room Manager for stock allocation request (or a helpdesk worker for stock replenishments) notifications to be received. To configure it, the user’s Email field needs to be populated and the page configured (Configuration > Server Settings > Notification Server Settings > Email Configuration). If not configured, the notification is lost. If you wish to disable the stock allocation request feature, ensure you clear any associations in the Check Stock Room field of the relevant purchase request.

Receive Items page is used to update consumable catalog items in a stockroom as well as receive other catalog items, add items as costs to existing resources. It appears when you receive items from a purchase request, purchase order, invoice, or user defined resource types inherited from any of the three. On this page, if you select Update existing resource for Consumable Catalog Items, it will add the items to a Stock Room. You must also select a Stock Room in the Existing Resource field.

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A new tidbit I just learned:

Assets are not assigned to a stockrooom but rather it is a derived from the status field and its location.  An asset is linked to Stockrooms via an associations. That is, an asset is in stock if its Asset Status is "In Stock" and its Location is set to one that also has a stockroom at that Location.

Sandy Fletcher
IT Asset Management Consultant

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