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How is Symantec dealing with the “Trends To Watch”?

Created: 12 Nov 2013
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Over the past few weeks my colleagues and I had the opportunity to meet with many of you and even attend some of the industry events including analyst conferences. I felt the need to blog today, however, based on the level of excitement that I have been picking from my Symantec colleagues “I think we got it right…”, “At last, it feels like we are ahead of the curve…”, “It’s nice hearing that all of our efforts are aligned to where the industry is going..”.

What are my colleagues referring to? The Symantec 4.0 strategy and, more specifically, the almost spooky similarities between its intended outcomes and the trends in the market that you, the industry analysts, are telling us to watch.

Below I have highlighted some of the “Trends To Watch” and aligned them to some of the things we at Symantec are doing

  1. Software-defined Networks… Very topical at Symantec this week, see the announcement about our move into this space with our partner, Cisco.
  2. Software-defined Storage… OK, I’m just going to say it… Our Storage Foundation technology defined the standard here 15 years ago, it continues to lead the industry and its new roadmap sees us taking this technology to the next level, encompassing SSD hardware and aligning storage resources to business critical SLA’s as part of our move to an integrated Business Continuity Platform.
  3. Hybrid Cloud Systems… Oh boy, you had better get your security right on this one. Show me a CISO who is not worried about the threat landscape that will surround the hybrid cloud and I’ll show you a “soon to be” ex-CISO.
  4. Integrated Systems… Our Integrated Backup Appliances are the fastest growing part of our portfolio right now as customers demand a new infrastructure model for backup and recovery, expect plenty more from us in this area as part of the 4.0 journey.

It’s been an intense transition to the new world at Symantec so far. As I have said previously, the changes here are not “tweaks”, we are fundamentally changing our company and the way in which we help our customers. I’m personally given renewed energy and focus when our vision is validated by the prominent influencers in the industry.